Name Title Phone Email
Kim Gibbons CAREI Director 612-625-9751 [email protected]
Clayton Cook Researcher 612-624-0300 [email protected]
Jenna Allerson Communications Consultant 612-624-2986 [email protected]
Nicole McKevett Research Associate 612-624-0300 [email protected]
Nicole Morrell Administrative Manager 612-624-2600 [email protected]
Laura Potter Associate Director of Evaluation 612-624-0300 [email protected]
Rob Richardson Associate Director 612-624-0300 [email protected]
Wendy Stuttgen Associate Director of Literacy 612-624-0300 [email protected]
Nicole Kendall Office Manager 612-625-7240 [email protected]
Chelsea Kaihoi Research Associate 612-624-0300 [email protected]
Yvonne Godber Research Associate 612-626-9527 [email protected]
Corinne Hamlin Project Coordinator 612-624-0300 [email protected]
Sara Kemper Research Associate 612-624-0300 [email protected]
Madeline Larson Research Associate 612-624-0300 [email protected]
Christopher Mehus Research Faculty 612-624-0300 [email protected]
Michael Parks Research Associate 612-624-0300 [email protected]
Alyssa Parr Research Associate 612-624-0300 [email protected]
Shona Burke PRESS Program Manager 612-626-6979 [email protected]
Debra Peterson MCRR Consultant 612-626-9360 [email protected]
Kristin Burger PRESS Program Manager 612-624-0300 [email protected]
Peggy Haapoja-Toussaint Office Manager 612-624-0300 [email protected]
Stacy Thompson PRESS Literacy Coordinator 612-624-0300 [email protected]
Molly Illes Research Associates 612-624-0300 [email protected]
Ellina Xiong Research Associate 612-626-7237 [email protected]
Lynn Edwards Research Associates 612-626-7907 [email protected]
Michelle Marchant-Wood MTSS Technical Assistance Provider 612-624-6083 [email protected]
Daniel Knewitz Research Associate 612-624-0300 [email protected]
  • James Angermeyr, PhD
  • Dale Blyth, PhD
  • W. Alan Coulter, PhD
  • Mark Davison, PhD
  • Michael Harwell, PhD
  • David Heistad, PhD
  • Dan Hoverman, EdS
  • Asha Jitendra, PhD
  • Amanuel Medhanie, PhD
  • Christopher Moore, PhD
  • Elton Mykerezi, PhD
  • Katie Pekel, EdD
  • Michael Rodriguez, PhD
  • Gillian Roehrig, PhD
  • Ben Silberglitt, PhD
  • Aaron Sojourner, PhD
  • Kyla Wahlstrom, PhD