College of Education and Human Development

Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement

Professional Learning

CAREI has a 30 year history collaborating with policymakers, organizational leaders, program staff, and community partners. We assist to design and implement high quality evaluations to help improve the quality of education for all learners. We offer a wide range of customized evaluation services that guide informed decisions about the effectiveness of policies, programs, and services. Our experts are trained and experienced in a variety of methodologies that are used to address formative and summative questions.


CAREIALL (Advancing Language and Literacy) is a virtual, comprehensive professional development course designed to support educators in operationalizing the science of reading in their classrooms.



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Path to Reading Excellence in School Sites (PRESS)

Learn the PRESS framework for tiered systems of support in elementary literacy through online or in-person professional development! PRESS offers a self-paced online course as well as virtual and in-person school-based workshops.

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Self-paced Problem Solving Team Training

Build your school problem-solving team’s capacity to evaluate intervention effectiveness using a systematic approach.

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