On-Demand Course: Recovery and Redesign with an Intentional Focus on the Whole Child

Join CAREI for a self-paced, on-demand professional development course packed with practical suggestions for relaunching school this fall, whether this be through an in-person, hybrid, or distance model of learning. Some students will do quite well transitioning back to school because of protective factors, some will struggle a little, and some are likely to demonstrate significant needs for support. This course will help educators feel prepared to intentionally address the social-emotional needs of all students (and themselves) as school begins and throughout the coming school year. This course consists of 7 modules. Modules are 20-60 minutes each, totaling 4 hours of professional learning.


CAREI Assembly Member Individual, School, or District | Free
Non-member Individual | $100 per person for full course
Non-member School or District | $500 per building for full course

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