MTSS Process Guide

The goal of a multi-tiered system of support process guide or manual is to support consistent implementation, and data-based decision-making and practices of districts’ MTSS framework. Do  you need help developing an MTSS process guide to promote consistent practice? Or, would you like to improve your  current process guide? 

We know that high fidelity of implementation leads to  improved student outcomes. It is essential for districts to  have a well-defined MTSS framework in order to ensure  fidelity of implementation. Many districts try to create a  process guide or manual, but get stuck trying to figure out  what needs to be included. CAREI has developed a model  process guide that includes the necessary components of  the framework, sample wording, resources and tools. Districts can use this guide to customize the  implementation of MTSS in their own district.

CAREI is excited to offer two options to support district needs. 

Option 1: Stand-Alone Process Guide 
Teams can purchase the CAREI process guide and work at  their own pace in developing their process guide. 

Option 2: MTSS Process Guide with Technical Assistance

Join us for an 8-session (3 hours per session) professional learning series focused on providing step-by-step guidance  on developing a process guide.

Learn about the latest evidence-based practices and  practical tools to support data-based decision-making and implementation. This training also provides teams the opportunity to engage extensively with the  CAREI model MTSS Process Guide (also referred to as an MTSS district manual). The CAREI model  MTSS Process Guide is a highly useful tool as a template in helping teams reflect on their own  practices and to guide their work around MTSS implementation practices.

This training will be delivered via Zoom from 1pm-4pm.

Scope and Sequence

Session 1

Introduction and  Rationale

Session 2

Infrastructure and  Support

Session 3

Multilevel  Instruction- Tier 1

Session 4

Multilevel  Instruction- Tier 2

Session 5

Multilevel  Instruction- Tier 3

Session 6


Session 7

Data-Based Decision-Making

Session 8

Fidelity and  Evaluation


  • Increase knowledge in MTSS core components
  • Build teams’ capacity to implement an MTSS framework with fidelity
  • Develop a comprehensive process guide.

Dates: October 20, November 17, December 8, January 26, February 23, March 23, April 20, May 18

Who should participate? Administrators, instructional leaders, and MTSS teams 

Teams should be prepared to engage in deep conversations about their school/district’s MTSS  framework and compose substantial components of MTSS process guide. This course is most  appropriate for teams that have a foundational understanding of MTSS and strong conceptual  understanding of their school/district’s MTSS framework. 

Teams in the initial stage of implementation or who are interested in strengthening their knowledge  in core components of MTSS and firming up their MTSS framework should consider CAREI’s  professional learning opportunity, Deep Dive into MTSS Essentials.


Option 1: Process Guide Only 
Non-member | $200 
CAREI Assembly Member | Free (access via member portal) 
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Option 2: Process Guide with Technical Assistance 
Non-member Team | $3125 per team of five for all sessions (model process guide included)  CAREI Assembly Member Team | $2500 per team of five for all sessions (model process guide  included) 

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