Deep Dive into MTSS Essentials

To implement an effective Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework, it is critical that school leaders  have a strong conceptual understanding of MTSS. Effective MTSS frameworks are composed of 5 core  components: Infrastructure and Support, Multilevel Instruction, Assessment, Data-Based Decision-Making, and Fidelity and  Evaluation.

Strengthen your team’s capacity and conceptual understanding of  MTSS by joining us for an 8-session (2 hours per session)  professional learning series. This course is focused on unpacking each core component and learning about the latest evidence- based practices and practical tools to support data-based  decision-making and implementation. Teams will engage in  reflection and hands-on learning with data protocols to hone  skills in implementing MTSS with fidelity.

This training will be delivered via Zoom from 1pm-3pm. 

Session 1

Introduction and Rationale

Session 2

Infrastructure and Support

Session 3

Multilevel Instruction- Tier 1

Session 4

Multilevel Instruction- Tier 2


Session 5

Multilevel Instruction- Tier 3

Session 6


Session 7

Data-Based Decision-Making

Session 8

Fidelity and Evaluation


  • Increase conceptual understanding in the 5 core  components of MTSS.
  • Identify key approaches to implementing the 5 core  components of MTSS.
  • Build teams’ capacity to implement an MTSS framework  with fidelity.
  • Apply concepts and practical skills to your local context.

Dates: Oct 27, Nov 10, Dec 1, Dec 21, Feb 2, Feb 16, Mar 2, Apr 6

Who should participate?

Administrators, instructional leaders, and MTSS teams

This course is intended for teams who are in the initial stage of
implementation or who are interested in strengthening their knowledge in core components of MTSS and
firming up their MTSS framework.


Non-member Team | $2500 per team of five for all sessions (model process guide included)
CAREI Assembly Member Team | $2000 per team of five for all sessions (model process guide included)

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