Rob Richardson

Associate Director

1954 Buford Avenue, Suite 425
St. Paul, MN 55108-1062

[email protected]

Rob Richardson

Selected Publications

  1. Bold = graduate student

  2. Crewdson, M. A., Richardson, R. D., Skinner, C., Fowler, K., & Wright, S. (In Press, TEC-21-0038). Tootling: A class-wide peer-mediated intervention for decreasing antisocial and disruptive behavior and enhancing pro-social behaviors and academic engagement. Teaching Exceptional Children.

  3. Richardson, R. D., Crewdson, M.A., Skinner, C. H., Wheat, L. S., Martinez, J. A. (2021). Interdependent group-oriented contingencies: randomly selected components to the rescue. Teaching Exceptional Children.

  4. Richardson, R. D., Williams, R. L. (2021). Linkages between grade point average and student ratings. Journal of Educational Research and Practice, 11, 16-33.

  5. Richardson, R.D., Rocconi, L.M., & Crewdson, M.A. (2020). Evaluating English learner progress in reading: How much growth can we expect? School Psychology Review, 49 (4), 480-492.


  6. Richardson, R., Hawken, L. S., & Kircher, J. (2012). Bias using maze to predict high-stakes test performance among Hispanic and Spanish-speaking students. Assessment for Effective Intervention, 37, 159-170.


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  8. Truscott, S. D., Richardson, R., Cohen, C., Frank, A., & Palmeri, D. (2003). Does rational persuasion influence potential consultees? Psychology in the Schools, 40, 627-640

Selected Presentations

  1. Bold = graduate student

  2. Sweeney, D., Nordmeyer, J., & Richardson, R. D. (2021). Self and collective efficacy [a round table discussion]. International MTSS Symposium, Online.

  3. Crewdson, M. A., Richardson, R.D. (2021). Tootling: Modifications to enhance social skills outcomes and classroom behaviors. Tennessee Association of School Psychologists Spring Institute. Online.

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  5. Richardson, R. D.  (2020). When to worry? Progress monitoring multiple language learners in reading [Featured Speaker]. International MTSS Symposium, Online.


  6. Richardson, R. D. & Tuesday Heathfield, L. (2020). Mini-skills workshop: Evidence-based strategies to reduce absenteeism [Mini-skills Workshop]. National Association of School Psychologists, Baltimore, MD.

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  11. Richardson, R. D. (2019). Differential utility/validity of screening and progress-monitoring measures [Panel presentation]. Pacific Coast Research Conference, San Diego, CA. (with Powell-Smith, K., Good, R., Gray, J., Hosp, M., Hosp, J)

  12. Richardson, R.D.  (2018). RtI in mathematics, spring math, and data-based problem solving [3-Day Workshop]. Stamford International American School, Singapore.


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