Clayton Cook


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St. Paul, MN 55108-1062

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Clayton Cook


My research investigates the development, evaluation and implementation of evidence-based practices to improve youth access to needed social, emotional and behavioral supports in schools. Schools are the context for my work because they are the hubs of communities and the most common setting youth access needed services to enhance their social, emotional, behavioral wellbeing and future life success. My original programmatic line of research was in the area of developing innovative assessment and intervention practices to prevent and address known social, emotional and behavioral problems that serve as barriers to school and life success.

My original research interests have broadened to encompass implementation science and the investigation of factors and strategies that impact the successful uptake, delivery and sustainment of evidence-based practices as part of routine school-based service delivery. This work is motivated to address the longstanding science-to-practice gap that prevents society from benefiting from the billions of dollars invested in developing and testing evidence-based practices that can only produce public health benefit if they are successfully translated into the real world service settings in which youth exist, such as schools.

Note to prospective students: I am currently not accepting new PhD advisees.

Selected Publications

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