Alyssa Parr

Research Associate

1954 Buford Avenue, Suite 425
St. Paul, MN 55108-1062

[email protected]

Alyssa Parr


In 2020, Alyssa Parr joined the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI) as a Research Associate. Before joining CAREI, she completed her MEd in Educational Psychology at the University of Virginia and her PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Education. She has collaborated on numerous applied research projects in community, K-12 school, and higher education settings using quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods approaches. Her research focuses on engagement/motivation, effective teaching, and racial equity.

At CAREI, Alyssa is currently working on the Wisconsin Minnesota Comprehensive Center and various research projects involving the Minnesota Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System (SLEDS).

Selected Publications

  1. Parr, A., Gladstone, J., Rosenzweig, E., & Wang, M. (2021). Why Do I Teach? A Mixed-Methods Study of In-Service Teachers’ Motivations, Autonomy-Supportive Instructional Practices, and Emotions. Teaching and Teacher Education, 98. doi: 10.1016/j.tate.2020.103228

  2. Huguley, J., Delale-O’Connor, L., Wang, M., & Parr, A. (2020). African American parents’ educational involvement in urban schools: Contextualized strategies for student success in adolescence. Educational Researcher. doi: 10.3102/0013189X20943199

  3. Wallace, T. L., Parr, A., & Correnti, R. (2020). Assessing teachers’ classroom management competency: A case study of the classroom assessment scoring system–secondary. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 38, 475-492. doi: 10.1177/0734282919863229

  4. Wang, M., Degol, J. L., Amemiya, J., Parr, A., & Guo, J. (2020). Classroom climate and children’s academic and psychological wellbeing: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Developmental Review, 57. doi: 10.1016/j.dr.2020.100912

  5. Delale-O'Connor, L. A., Huguley, J. P., Parr, A., & Wang, M. (2019). Racialized compensatory cultivation: Centering race in parental educational engagement and enrichment. American Educational Research Journal. doi: 10.3102/0002831219890575

  6. Fredricks, J., Parr, A., Amemiya, J., Wang, M., & Brauer, S. (2019). What matters for urban adolescents' engagement and disengagement in school: A mixed-methods study. Journal of Adolescent Research, 34, 491-527. doi: 10.1177/0743558419830638

  7. Henry, D. A., Miller, P., Votruba-Drzal, E., & Parr, A. (2019). Safe and sound? Exploring parents’ perceptions of neighborhood safety at the nexus of race and socioeconomic status. In D. A. Henry, P. Miller, & E. Votruba-Drzal (Eds.) Advances in child development and behavior: Child development at the intersection of race and SES (Vol. 57). Series Editor: J. B. Benson. Elsevier: Cambridge, MA.

  8. Parr, A., Amemiya, J., & Wang, M. (2019). Student learning emotions in middle school mathematics classrooms: Investigating associations with dialogic instructional practices. Educational Psychology, 39, 636-658. doi: 10.1080/01443410.2018.1560395

  9. Fredricks, J., Wang, M., Schall Linn, J., Hofkens, T., Sung, H., Parr, A., & Allerton, J. (2016). Using qualitative methods to develop a survey measure of math and science engagement. Learning and Instruction, 43, 5-15. doi: 10.1016/j.learninstruc.2016.01.009

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  11. Parr, A. K., & Bonitz, V. S. (2015). Role of family background, student behaviors, and school-related beliefs in predicting high school dropout. The Journal of Educational Research, 108, 504-514. doi: 10.1080/00220671.2014.917256

Selected Presentations

  1. Parr, A., Gladstone, J., & Turci, L. (2020). Elementary teachers' perceptions of their students' personality: Associations with their teaching ability beliefs and goals. Symposium presentation at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA, April 17-21, 2020. (Conference canceled)

  2. Parr, A., Gladstone, J., & Wang, M. (2019). Relations between teacher motivation and student engagement and achievement in math across school contexts. Symposium presentation at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada, April 5-9, 2019.

  3. Gladstone, J. R., Parr, A., Rosenzweig, E., & Wang, M. (2018). A mixed methods approach to understanding teachers' motivations, their well-being, and student engagement and acheivement. Poster presented at the International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development Biennial Meeting, Queensland, Australia, July 15-19, 2018.

  4. Delale-O'Connor, L. A., Huguley, J. P., & Parr, A. (2018). Concerted and compensatory cultivation: An exploration of African American parenting practices. Roundtable session at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, New York, NY, April 13-17, 2018.

  5. Parr, A., Gladstone, J., Rosenzweig, E., & Wang, M. (2018). Why teach? A mixed methods study of teachers' motivations, well-being, and teaching practices. Poster presentation at the Society for Research on Adolescence Biennial Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, April 12-14, 2018.

  6. Wallace, T., Parr, A., & Correnti, R. (2018). Comparing adolescent and adult assessments of teachers' classroom management. Paper presentation at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, New York, NY, April 13-17, 2018.

  7. Parr, A., Hofkens, T., & Wang, M. (2016). Teacher engagement: Reconceptualizing how math and science teachers shape student engagement, achievement, and career aspirations. Paper presentation at the Society for Research in Adolescence Biennial Meeting, Baltimore, MD, March 30-April 2, 2016.