CAREIALL: Advancing Language and Literacy

CAREIALL (Advancing Language and Literacy) is a virtual, comprehensive professional development course created by our team of internal and external literacy experts, and designed to support educators in operationalizing the science of reading in their classrooms. 

Participants will gain an understanding of the latest evidence-based practices in literacy instruction, as well as the research that supports those practices and guides instructional decision-making. The elements of assessment, enabling MTSS systems, equitable and inclusive practices, and the science of teaching and learning are woven throughout so that educators see a clear connection to these common strategic priorities.  

Participants can expect both asynchronous modules, and live, virtual follow-up sessions facilitated by members of CAREI’s literacy team. The asynchronous modules and live content are approximately 45 hours total.

CAREIALL Program Structure:

Asynchronous Component 

  • 8 asynchronous modules 
  • Accessed through the Canvas platform
  • Each successive module will be unlocked after the live, synchronous session from the previous module has been completed

Synchronous Component

  • 8 live two-hour sessions in small cohorts
  • Zoom-based sessions directly connected to the content of the asynchronous modules
  • Designed to support participants in applying what they’ve learned in their own classrooms, schools, and districts

Descriptions of CAREIALL Modules

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1. Orientation and Overview of Course

This module provides general course logistics, an introduction to the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI) at the University of Minnesota, a brief overview of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) including how literacy instruction fits within the MTSS framework, and an introduction to some of the seminal research behind literacy development which guides practitioners. 

2. Learning to Teach Reading

This module introduces broad instructional considerations which permeate all areas of literacy and are essential components of effective instruction. Included in the module are topics such as: learning science, systematic, explicit, and equitable instruction, cultural and linguistic responsiveness, motivation and engagement, assessment within an MTSS system, and types of reading difficulties. 

3. Language and Literacy

This module introduces oral language development, phonological sensitivity and phonemic awareness, consonant and vowel phonemes, the influence of linguistic and dialectical differences, and best practices for instruction in this area. 

4. Phonics and Fluency

Module 4 discusses the importance of phonics instruction including how these skills develop and are best taught to support accurate reading and spelling. Concepts such as building to automaticity and fluency, as well as supporting meaning-making within foundational skills lessons, will also be addressed. 

5. Morphology

This module examines morphology and explains the importance of morphological instruction for mastery of English, as a morpho-phonemic language. Participants will explore the layers of English as well as best practices for morphological instruction. 

6. Vocabulary: A Bridge to Comprehension

In this module, participants will learn about vocabulary and background knowledge as critical pieces of comprehension success. Topics include vocabulary development, best practices for instruction, and ways to honor linguistic diversity. 

7. Reading Comprehension

Module 7 unpacks reading comprehension, its importance, and how it develops. Concepts such as comprehension processing, language and text structures, and verbal reasoning will be addressed, along with the role of strategy instruction. 

8. Writing

The importance of writing and how it develops will be explored in module 8. Incorporated concepts include the role of handwriting, sentence composition, the writing process, and supporting students in writing different types of texts for different purposes and audiences.


The entire CAREIALL program, including all synchronous and asynchronous lessons, sessions, and materials, is available for an initial rate of $500 per participant.

Live Session Dates—2023-24 Cohort

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